Our Story


Hand Crafted with love and therapeutically blended for taste, Teapot Teas is a purveyor  of premium range of organic herbal teas made in the historic town of Milton, NSW, Australia.

The ingredients in our loose leaf teas have been carefully selected for their therapeutic properties and full bodied flavour.

Each organic herbal infusion brews a menagerie of colours and aromas to enchant the senses, heal the body, soothe the mind and nurture the soul.

 We believe that self care is paramount to good health and we invite you delve into the ritual of teas and share in the Teapot Teas  experience.

The Teapot Teas Difference

Experience the pure essence of tea with our loose leaf collection, whole, and unprocessed ingredients to preserve their freshness.

Every herbal tisane is carefully formulated by our skilled herbalist and master tea blender. They consider the nutrient value, beneficial effects, as well as the traditional therapeutic and energetic properties to ensure both taste and therapeutic benefits.

Our herbal tea range is mindfully created, with each blend individually hand-blended and lovingly packaged in our signature boxes.

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Our Vision

Inspire acceptance & organic transformation

Our Mission

Our raw passion for real living and commitment to self awareness through learning and development.

Building communities through holistic partnerships, placing relationships and integrity above all. Making sustainability the core factor in all decision making and bring nature back into balance.

The Story of Andrew Yeo |
Owner & Master Tea Blender

My fascination and love of tea began at the age of two years, I was taken with my mother to visit a childhood friend who lived the Raffles Hotel Singapore. I remember the majestic old dame, the wrought iron laced tables, finest of bone china tea pots, the wonderful aroma and the fascination about what lay within the teacups. All my life, I have been captivated by the elegance, ritual and the joy which tea brings to the lives of many.


Teapot Teas combines my two great passions, teas and health. Following my first and subsequent visits to Raffles, little did I know that 15 years later I would begin my food and hospitality career there serving tea and seeing again the joy which it brought. Moving from Singapore to Sydney, I ran the prestigious Amrita Spa where I was familiarised with spa cuisine, herbal teas and the beauty of health and wellbeing.

In 2008, I opened and ran a successful day spa, Terrace Spa Retreat focussed on complementary medicine and health. A key philosophy of the day spa is how we nourish ourselves on the inside, will affect how we are on the outside. Originally developed for my clients, in creating Teapot Teas I have combined the joy and experience of tea drinking, with a range of teas using the highest quality natural organic ingredients which create an atmosphere of health and wellbeing and it is now available from wherever you are in the world. Our natural therapeutic teas are a key ingredient for a healthy body and mind.

My philosophy is that when it comes to health and wellbeing, the simplest things in life are not only the most enjoyable and easy to pursue, but they are also the ones that achieve the best results. In the years of being in the holistic health, beauty and spa industry, I have found the most cause of disease and fatigue is caused by the lack of water, life’s simplest gifts. In most cases people just see water as plain old boring. This trend concerned me. Knowing how vital it is to regularly drink quality fluids and, naturally, aware of the benefits of herbs, I set out to research herbal teas.

There again I stumbled against another road block. Having always had herbal tea dispensary, I started making concoctions that therapeutically made sense but tasted the way they looked. Spoons full of sugar would not wash away the bad taste. That’s how Teapot Teas was born. Each tea is thoughtfully and therapeutically blended for taste, to create a positive experience which nourishes the palette as well as the spirit.

Together with the healing power and capabilities of herbs lets us restore and bring our bodies back into balance. I invite you to treat yourself and share in the Teapot Tea experience.