Fresh colourful loose leaf herbal tea

Teapot Teas

Handcrafted with love and therapeutically blended for taste, Teapot Teas is an esteemed purveyor of premium organic herbal teas. Nestled in the historic town of Milton, NSW, Australia, our teas are meticulously crafted using carefully selected ingredients renowned for their therapeutic properties and rich flavour.

Each sip of our menagerie of loose leaf teas unveils a captivating symphony of colours and fragrances, enchanting the senses, nurturing the soul, and promoting holistic well-being. We firmly believe that self-care is essential for optimal health, and we invite you to embrace the transformative ritual of tea drinking and embark on a sensory journey with Teapot Teas.

The Teapot Teas Difference 

The teas are loose leaf, whole and unprocessed to retain freshness.

Each herbal tisane has been formulated and crafted for their nutrient value, beneficial effect and traditional therapeutic and energetic properties by our herbalist and master tea blender to ensure taste and therapeutic benefits.

Our herbal tea range is mindfully created, individually hand-blended and hand-packaged in our signature  boxes.

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Our Vision

Inspire acceptance & organic transformation

Our Mission

Our raw passion for real living and commitment to self awareness through learning and development.

Building communities through holistic partnerships, placing relationships and integrity above all. Making sustainability the core factor in all decision making and bring nature back into balance.